Plexus Action Request

To submit an action request to the Plexus Operations Team, click the "Submit Request" button below.

You should receive a confirmation email after your ticket is submitted. If you don't, please call Dane at x6335.

The Plexus Team works on:

  • Contract Labs
  • DOLP
  • Financial Reports
  • GOLD
  • Lab/Brand Sales Reports
  • Lab Operations Reports
  • Lab Routing
  • Option Editor
  • Product Analysis

Team members are:

  • Jeff DeRose
  • Melissa Parker
  • Kelly Greene
  • Kristy Tyler
  • Raquel Calvetti
  • Dane Laverty
  • Christina Suliven
  • Erin VanderSchaaf
  • Laurie Hancock
  • Lissa Browning
  • Tarry Loop